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Why use ham radio?

Ham radio is still relevant today because it is two-way communication that can endure earthquakes, hurricanes, and most any other disaster. Ham radio operators can make their wireless signal reach far beyond the distance of cell phones, family radios, or even CB radios because of the higher transmitting power allowed to them. It is essential to any emergency situation to include the use of ham radio for communication.

Ham radio helps build communication skills by talking and communicating with others. It’s one of the lost skills in this era where we find ourselves talking more to computers than real people.

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How is ham radio different than cell phones?

Ham radio can be used independently of central towers or communication infrastructure. Ham radio operators can communicate radio to radio and over great distances.

Cellular phone technology is fragile and dependent upon tall cell towers to work. When the cell tower is knocked out or overloaded cellular phones cannot be used to communicate with others when it is time critical to protecting life and property.

Ham radio for fun or practice!

Like any tool, it must be practiced and used often to be effective. Fortunately there are many opportunities to use your ham radio license in any community:

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