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Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society Remote Session

Jul 01, 2024 (Mon)
5:00-7:30pm AKDT
Test Fee:
Remote session - see session notes
American Radio Relay League (ARRL-VEC)
Notes from the team:

What you need to know about our fully remote testing service:

1.)    All of our sessions are listed in the Alaska Time Zone. It's your responsibility to calculate the time difference if you're in another time zone.  More information on our current exam schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

2.)    Certain applicants are not eligible to test with us.  To see if you're eligible to take an examination with Last Frontier Amateur Radio Society, please click HERE.

3.)    We require two devices; the first being a laptop or desktop that will display your exam, and the second a smartphone or tablet for us to have an additional viewing angle of you while testing.  More information on how we want your devices setup can be found by clicking HERE.

4.)    You must have a current, updated web browser to take the exam.

5.)    You must have the Zoom desktop client or mobile app installed on your computer and second device (smartphone or tablet).  It must also be updated prior to testing with us.

6.)    There is a $15.00 fee to test with us, payable with a credit or debit card.  Free exams are available to those who qualify.  More information on who qualifies can be found by clicking HERE.

7.)    We will be corresponding with you via email.  Each email you receive from us will explain in detail what happens next.  These emails contain necessary instructions that you must follow or your exam will be canceled.  More information on our email correspondence can be found by clicking HERE.

8.)    If you pass, it may take five to ten business days before the FCC receives the data needed to issue a new license or process an upgrade in the ULS.

NOTE:  Be advised that we give immediate preference to Alaska residents on exam day.  What this means is Alaska residents get to test first over those living in the Lower 48 States or elsewhere.  If you are living elsewhere and ask to test first, your request would only be granted if there are no applicants in Alaska testing on the day you have signed up for.

Should you not follow the requirements laid out above, or refuse to follow everything on this page, an exam will not be administered.  We will not offer a refund for those who refuse to follow our instructions.

Still have questions?  Take a look at our frequently asked questions page HERE.