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Jun 21, 2024 (Fri)
5:00-6:00pm EDT
Test Fee:
Remote session - see session notes
American Radio Relay League (ARRL-VEC)
Slots available:
1 / 1 slots claimed
Notes from the team:

Hi there

Thanks for signing up for our test session. Please visit VolunteerARG.com for more information to be prepared for your test session. Also there is a $15 testing fee that should be paid immediately upon registration. Your reservation is NOT locked in unless payment is recieved. Please visit Exam Fee to make that payment. Please be aware that two devices must be connected to the zoom session.

You will receive an email the morning of you exam that will give you detail prepartation instructions. Your zoom link and exam invite will be sent via email no later than 8:20PM Eastern Time on exam day.

Make sure you download and install the Zoom app on your devices and test it before the exam! Please note that we serve numerous testers in each session. While you will be tested in a Private Breakout Room with your own private Volunteer Examiners, there may be a small wait in the Zoom Waiting Room as we process other testers and assign them to a Private Breakout Room. Please keep an eye on the zoom chat while in the waiting room. Please also have a second device ready to join the zoom session to serve as a second camera. ARRL VEC requires 2 camera angles for remote testing. When joining with your second device, Please log out of your zoom account and join as a guest. Also please give it a unique name such as "YOUR NAME D2".

Please make sure of the following to ensure your exam session runs smoothly.

  1. No additional people are allowed in the exam room. Your room MUST BE PRIVATE and CANNOT BE IN AN INSECURE LOCATION such as a bar, restaurant, outdoor patio, etc. It MUST BE WELL LIT so that the examiners can see the room and you/your eyes without difficulty. Inform other family members to not enter the room during your exam. Should someone enter your testing room while the test is in progress, you must instruct them to leave immediately. Failure to comply could result in termination of the exam.
  2. Clear your room of all non-exam materials, notes, books, posters, or items that might aid in testing.
  3. Clear your exam table and floor of ALL items within reach or view that would raise suspicions, such as papers, sticky notes, electronic items, headphones, or other items unnecessary for your exam. Headsets, Earbuds, Headphones, Smart Watches, Smart Eyewear, or hoods/hats are not allowed and must be removed prior to the exam session.
  4. Additional computer screens and TVs in your field of vision must be covered.
  5. You must have a computer that meets the following requirements: It must have a webcam, microphone, and speakers. It MUST be plugged into power or have 90% battery life remaining. Your network connection must have at least two (2) bars of signal for WiFi or be plugged into a wired network. Occasionally, an additional device may be needed if technology issues prevent your computer from being used, so have a backup ready.
  6. To expedite your session, you are asked to download and test-run Zoom on your computer and phone well in advance of your test session. NOTE: MacOS requires that you unlock a security and privacy setting allowing Zoom to record before your screen can be shared.
  7. Terminate/Close non-essential applications. These include but are not limited to: Mail, Chat, Alerts, Bluetooth Devices, Virtual Screens, Team Viewer, Steam, Remote Desktops, Discord, or Messaging. Only your web browser, Zoom, and calculator may be active. Your VE team may ask to view the “Show Hidden Icons” caret on your taskbar to see other running applications in your System Tray.No Virtual Backgrounds may be applied to your Zoom video feed.
  8. You are allowed to use an on-screen calculator during your exam. Physical calculators are NOT allowed.
  9. You will be asked to sign exam documents electronically following your exam.The exam session may be terminated for non-compliance with instructions.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Please call me with any questions,

Josh Marler, AA4WX VEC Session Manager ARRL VEC - Volunteer Amateur Radio Group 865-518-3600

Scott Irwin, W8UFO VEC Assistant Session Manager ARRL VEC - Volunteer Amateur Radio Group 847-492-3456

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